Food For Fines

April 2018


Food for Fines was an April Fools’ joke too good to be true. As part of a collaboration with UF’s Transportation and Parking Services, UF president Kent Fuchs, Florida Gators athletics and UFsocial, we implemented a 5 day-long program where students can donate food to forgive past parking tickets. This project required a lot of planning and tight collaboration with all of the units to create a cohesive rollout of “the joke” on social media.

This was the first video, which was released on April 1st. The goal was to make it appear as an obvious farce.

Next day, @UFTAPS shares a video that confirms Fuchs’ statement isn’t a joke.

We filmed some content to share throughout the week to promote the program.

Some help from our football coach Dan Mullen.


12,870 total food donations

2,574 citations

$104,893 worth of citations.

NATIONAL coverage

explainer video by uf