FIU Survival Guide

January 2013 - present

FIU Survival Guide

The FIU Survival Guide is a website born out of how hectic and frantic the first week of class can be. The point was to make "your first week just a little easier" by providing a one-stop shop for all first-week matters. The design is based off of a journal/composition book, giving it almost a handbook vibe. 


The idea stems from high-school journals and doodles. We liked the idea of making something that seemed secret (it wasn't), but had the feel of the guide possibly being passed down from alumni. We wanted to use icons, reminders and directions to really give it that feeling. In Aug. 2014, we implemented horizontal rule lines to further the idea of the "journal".

Content Strategy

A lot of the info used in the guide was based off of students' concerns on social media. We asked this question on Facebook.

Using our knowledge of campus as alumni, as well as user testing, we decided to separate the guide into 7 parts. We also provided tips, tricks and shortcuts, especially with parking, busses and shuttles. We collaborated with Parking and Transportation for their very own solutions to parking & traffic jams.

  1. Dates & Events
  2. Parking
  3. Busses and Shuttles
  4. Maps and Buildings
  5. Food
  6. Textbooks
  7. Resources


  • 8,000 Regular Viewers
  • Average Session - 1:30 Minutes
  • 22, 600 Pageviews
  • Each semester, shift from desktop to mobile experience grows.



In August 2014, 60% of Survival Guide users were experiencing the guide on their smartphone.

Digital & Physical Signage

Responsive Design